We call ourselves explorers.


We love traveling. We adore the sun, the sea, but also nature in its wildest.


With every opportunity we go out. We go out a lot; to concerts, events, to meet local people in numerous cities and countries around the world.


We've done camping and stayed in luxury hotels. We've ridden a donkey and test driven a Ferrari.


Every trip, every experience, every destination of this beautiful planet, has its own space in our story.


A story full of landscapes; a story inspired by landSCAPES of the world.


SCAPES Sunglasses is the most vivid way to explore the world.


From the purple sunset of Santorini to the ice colour of the Alps, whichever coloured lenses you see the world through, they combine imagination with reality.


Each of them has a story to tell.


How many new destinations are going to mark the course?


How many colours, thoughts, moments, uncharted territories?


SCAPES Sunglasses will be your tour guide to all new destinations.


Let’s travel together.

Look, feel, memor-eyes!